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Fashion Design

One of the most powerful tools known to man is the power of clothing. Clothes open doors that no other visual possession or imagery can do. The power of fashion is such that the hardest of hearts can melt. Empowering you with this formidable weapon is the no 1 institute of the nation Lakhotia Institute of Design. Established in 1996, this ISO 9001:2008 certified Institute is a major landmark when it comes to imparting fashion education. To be a high flying fashion designer who hob nobs with the jetset and is a designer to the stars, is a dream that many nurture. This aim is trained to be attained by Lakhotia Institute of Design. The city of pearls Hyderabad, houses this fashion institution. Fashion no longer is just an alternative career but a much sought after profession. Not to be regarded as a mere hobby course, Lakhotia is the first to bring about the awareness that fashion is a serious business with a wide scope to explore one's career choice. From being an apprentice to a big name designer to starting one's own brand and working in an export house to working as a costume designer, it is an endless list of options. The young fashion graduate can practice as a wardrobe manager to television actors or compares. Can be a stylist or designer in the film line. A fashion student has innumerable choices to work in well known fashion houses, and implement his/her expertise by lecturing at fashion institutes or interning as an illustrator as per their speciality. Apart from these, the young designer is in demand for plenty of industry works like shows, exhibitions, events, window display and fashion merchandising which is an ability to select products for fashion stores.

To make a student this capable, Lakhotia involves a host of industry professionals and hires top of the line faculties who are specialists in their own arena. Personal attention and close inspection into the assigned projects ,spirals the student to the top of the heap.

Lakhotia Institute of Design is spreading its wings bringing you the best the industry has to offer. Come be a part of this glittering world.


Fashion has a wide scope for choosing a career.

1. Costume Designer

2. Costume Designer Assistants

3. Advertising Assistant

4. Advertising Manager

5. Art Director

6. Blog Editor

7. Brand managers

8. Bridal Designers

9. Business Manager

10. Buyer's Assistant

11. Buyers

12. Buyers Administration

13. Catwalk Model

14. Clippers

15. Clothing Fit Model

16. Accessory Designers

17. Accessory Designer Assistant

18. Cutters

19. Designers Assistant

20. Distribution Administration

21. Distribution Managers

22. Event Planners

23. Event Planners Assistant

24. Export Coordinators

25. Fabric Designer

26. Fabric Designer Assistant

27. Fabric Wholesaler

28. Fashion Commentators

29. Fashion Designers

30. Fashion Event Coordinators

31. Fashion Illustrator

32. Fashion Journalists

33. Fashion Magazine Editor

34. Fashion Magazine Editorial Staff

35. Fashion Photographer

36. Fashion Photographer Assistant

37. Fashion Sales Representative

38. Fashion Show Coordinator

39. Fashion Website Designer

40. Finance Administration

41. Finance Directors

42. Footwear Designers

43. Garment Technician

44. Import coordinators

45. Internet Marketing Assistant

46. Internet Marketing Manager

47. Instructor at fashion designing colleges and schools in India and abroad

48. Machinists

49. Magazine Model

50. Marketing Administration

51. Marketing Assistants

52. Marketing Directors

53. Merchandise Planner

54. Merchandise Planner Assistant

55. Merchandise Planners

56. Merchandise Planners Assistant

57. Milliner Designers

58. Online Editor

59. Pattern Makers Assistant

60. Patters makers

61. Product Developers

62. Public relations assistants

63. Public Relations Managers

64. Recruitment Administration

65. Recruitment Managers

66. Retail Assistants

67. Retail Managers

68. Sample Cutters

69. Sewers

70. Stylists

71. Stylists Assistant

72. Tailor

73. Warehouse Staff

74. Window Display Designers

75. Window Display Designers Assistant

Duration 6 Mnts
Total Hours 375
Total working days 75
Total working hours in a day 5

At LAKHOTIA INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, Hyderabad, the Diploma in Fashion Photography is from lighting and shooting to composing and retouching, the new generation photographers are required to know all new advanced techniques in photographic reproduction and imaging. Thorough knowledge of cameras and their technicalities involved in taking pictures. Also knowledge of light, distance and perspective. They also learn the business skills to effectively communicate with clients and vendors.

You will also learn the very professional role of the photographer like

  • Taking photographs of models on outdoor location and in the studios.
  • Building up good relationships with the models and crew, so that they can feel comfortable and work well before the camera.
  • Ability to work well with studio lighting to bring out the best in skin tones and textures and colours from different fabrics or products.
  • Working well with natural bright light
  • Establishing good relationships with stylists, art directors, agents and fashion editors, fashion designers and other crew members.
  • Identifying and securing future assignments.
  • Developing a personal, recognizable signature style.

Certificate Programe in Photography

Educational Content


  • Selection
  • Holding the Camera
  • Camera Shake


  • Composition
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Cropping
  • Viewpoint


  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Exp Compensation
  • Histograms
  • Bracketing Exposures
  • ISO Speed
  • Reciprocity Failure


  • Color
  • Color Temperature
  • White Balance
  • Gray Card


  • Shooting picture on outdoor
  • Nature
  • Landscape
  • Street
  • Features
  • News
  • Sports & Action


  • Lighting
  • Available Light
  • Reflectors
  • Flash
  • Studio Lighting
  • Fireworks
  • Flowers
  • Product Photography
  • Portraits
  • Shooting Models

6 Workshops on Editorial fashion , Catalogue , High fashion , Portrait , Photo journalism work , theme based fashion shoot, advertisement work etc/

Photoshop tutorials for 4-5 classes on post production work.

Internship and chance to assist during photo-shoot.

Submission of professional portfolio.

This section will be update soon...

Duration 6 Mnts
Total Hours 600
Total working days 150
Total working hours in a day 4

Lakhotia institute of design (LID), a top fashion designing institute, has designed the 6 months short term certificate course in fashion designing, that sharpens yours creativity and equips you with technical knowledge required for success in this glamorous field. This introduces students to the various aspects of fashion designing right from the conception of the design till its final execution. It also makes you familiar with different types of cloth, their manufacturing, colors and dyes, cutting and stitching and etc. outcome of the course is, the student will gain knowledge of fashion industry and can easily continue further education in fashion designing stream.




FD-01.Orientation Programme

FD-02.Basics of Fashion

FD-03.Elements of Design & Principles

FD-04.Basic Design

FD-05.Fashion Illustration I

FD-06.Color Theory


FD-07.Principles of Garment Construction

FD-08.Drafting & Pattern Making (Kids Wear)

FD-09.Garment Construction (Kids Wear)

FD-10.Fabric Consumption (Term Garment)

FD-11.Trim File & Market Sourcing.



FD-012.Fiber to Fabric

FD-013.Wet Processing

FD-014.Textile Designing & Print Development

FD-015.Surface Ornamentation Techniques I

FD-016.(Tie & Dye, Batik, Fabric Painting & Embroideries 25 Types)


FD-017.Basics & PowerPoint.


  • To develop ones personality.
  • To be identified as “Special One” among a crowd.
  • To develop self confidence.
  • To be groomed to be a special one.
  • To be stylish.
  • To be presentable.
  • Can participate in Indian Super Model Show / Contest.
  • May participate in the contest.
  • To participate in Fashion Shows big or small – National, International shows , Lakme/wills India Shows etc etc.
  • To be a model, super model, actor & so on.


  • To be a part of the industry growing to billion of US dollars – it is booming.
  • To participate in the glamorous film industry – Silver Screen.
  • To participate in the ever increasing T.V. industry – Small Screen.
  • To be a part of the multibillion advertising & publishing industry.
  • To be a part of media.
  • All these industries are rapidly increasing offering wide scope for models – Male & Female.
  • To be model & brand ambassador for various products for improving sales & marketing of a product which is important for every product to sustain in the market.


Modeling Course – ( ) Months Duration.

Classes on Every– Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

TIMINGS: 11:00AM to 1:00PM, 4:00PM to 6:00PM & 6:00PM to 8:00PM


  1. Topics –
    • Industry Orientation.
    • Modelling Techniques.
    • Runway Techniques.
    • Modelling in Groups and Pairs.
    • Model poise & postures
    • Image Analysis.
    • On Camera Photo Shoots.
    • Video Fashion Modeling.
    • Product Modeling.
    • Mock fashion show
    • Fashion show (previews)
    • Fashion Shows Techniques & lot more.

By Very Senior & Fashion Choreographer

  1. Introduction to Modelling –
    • Personality Development.
    • Manners.
    • Etiquettes.
    • Career Development.
    • Public Speaking.
    • Talk Show – Workshop
    • Voice Projection.
    • Seminar.
    • Success Principles.
    • Time Management.


  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Nail care
  • Health , hygiene
  • Model makeover
  • Self Confidence etc & lots more.

By Very Senior & Seasoned Faculty.

  1. Most Important is the Projection of a Model –
    • How to project one as a Model.
    • How to make them Fashionable & Stylish.
    • How to make them Acceptable.


  • Fashion Psychology & Fashion Styling.
  • Wardrobe Planning & Accessorizing.
  • Color Analysis
  • Fashion Communication,
  • Model networking and marketing
  • Dressing Technique, Celebrity Dressing.
  • Designer Brands.
  • Categories and types of modeling
  • Casting couch
  • Conduct designer –co-models-choreographers- industry
  • Backstage handling
  • Live photo shoot
  • Portfolio Assistance.& lots more.

By Eminent Fashion Designer.


This is very important for all aspiring models to make their portfolios to have an impact in the market & for visual publicity. This is done with expert guidance from the industry and Photo Shoot is done separately by an established and famous Fashion Photographer to the best advantage of the model.

Practice makes a perfect model & we give enough time and opportunity to practice at our modern state-of-the-art Modelling Lab to drive the best out of the model.

Duration 6 Mnts
Total Hours 280
Total working days 70
Total working hours in a day 3

All of fashion has its base in the foundation of its technique. A strong base ensures quality in the field of garment manufacture and production. Be it in export houses, designer studios, ready to wear brands or mass clothing, Pattern Making is one of the most important qualifications required in the process. Lakhotia Institute of Design presents a potential package for those seeking to be educated in this genre. Aspirants looking for a course in Pattern Making, drafting and draping need not look any further than Lakhotia Institute of Design. Technically strong faculties understand your need to be skilled in this field and train you with advanced dexterity. With a significant and substantial syllabus, this course spanning 6 months onwards, ensures that you learn the precision of cut, drape and construct, equipping you with the necessary capability to proceed and practice this highly in demand profession. Pattern makers are most sought after by designers, manufacturing companies, boutiques and apparel units on a full time basis. The salary structure has no limit and depends on the individuals capability.

Lakhotia invites you to pattern make your career.

Certificate Program in Pattern Making - Educational Content

  • COLLARS:Peter pan, Wing collar, Cape collar, Bishop Collar, Scalloped collar,Butterfly collar, Tulip collar, Sailor collar, Straight collars.
  • SLEEVES: Plain, puff, Balloon, Cap, Tulip, Petal, Flared, Uneun flare, Circular, Long sleeves, Long sleeves with cuff Leg- o- mutton sleeves.
  • FROCKS: A-line, Sun dresses, Pillow Case dress, Waist cut frocks, A-symmetric frock, Circular frock, Low-low waist cut frock, Yoke frocks, tier frocks, Panel frocks, Sun suit, Over lap frocks, Princess panel frock.
  • SKIRTS:Mni, Straight, Flare, A-line, Circular, Half circular, Yoke Skirts, Hand kerchief, Gore Skirt, Godets skirt, peplum.
  • NIGHTY: A-Line, Yoke, Suit.
  • SHALWARS: Plain, Belt shalwar, kali shalwar, Patiala chudidar, Dhoti, Parallel.
  • KURTHAS: A-line, A-line on bias, Fitted kurtha, Loose fitted, Dart less kurta, Kalidar,kurta, Raglon kurta, High neck kurta, Body style kurta, Kali kurta with body cut. Princess style with godets, Tiers kurta, Empire line kurta.
  • BLOUSES: High neck, High neck with collars, Plain yoke blouse, Choli, Katori, Single and double Piece katori, Princess line blouse, Halter neck blouse, Yoke blouse with princess panels.
  • COLLARS:Flat collars, Straight collars, Ruffled.
  • SLEEVES: Plain, puff, Balloon, Flared, Cap, Petal, Long sleeves, and Long sleeves with cuff variations in puff, Balloon, Flared, Cap, Petal leg 0 mutton sleeves, Circular, Ruffled sleeves, Sleeve construction on bias.
  • SKIRTS: Straight, A-line, Circular, Pegged, Tiers.
  • NIGHTY: A-line, Yoke.

Duration 1 Year
Total Hours 1200
Total working days 300
Total working hours in a day 4

Diploma in Architectural Assistantship is a course dealing with designing practices and drawing packages required for construction of buildings and surveying of plots etc. It is a three year job oriented course. Candidates who have passed matriculation are eligible to apply for this course. Candidates should complete at least 15 years of age at the time of admission. Admission to the course is based on the scores obtained in the entrance test. Diploma in architectural assistantship provides immense job opportunities as interior designers, architectural draftsman etc.

his course is concerned with the structural drawings, working drawings and detailed drawings of various components of buildings with the help of graphic representation. So, architects design buildings as per norms requirements.


  • Diploma holders in Architectural Assistantship are supposed to prepare working drawings of buildings and should have basic knowledge of the important materials like; stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior finishes, glass, plastics, building hardware, roofing materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc.
  • To prepare structural drawings, working drawings and detailed drawings of various components of buildings with the help of graphic representation.
  • To know, design and execute building interiors.
  • To create, manipulate and manage 2D drawings for interior projects with the help of Computer Aided Drafting and Design.
  • To prepare working drawings of various fittings and fixtures and water supply and sanitary installations.
  • To prepare the municipal drawings to get them sanctioned from the local development body.
  • To prepare architectural models

Educational Content

Diploma in Diploma in IDiploma in Architecture Assistantship


  • Theory of Design
  • Sketching, Lettering and Printing
  • Building Construction
  • Architectural Graphic Presentation
  • Workshop Practice for Architecture
  • History of Architecture
  • Architectural Building Materials
  • Architectural Design
  • Climatology
  • Theory of Structure
  • Surveying
  • Structural Design


  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting
  • Building services
  • Building Bye Laws
  • Working Drawing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Estimating and Specification writing
  • Site Planning & Landscaping


  • Womens Day 2016

    Skill Development Workshop on 50 Trendy & Innovative Hand Embroideries by Lakhotia Institute of Design

    It's the day the world comes together annually to honour and inspire women while promoting equal rights, so what will you be doing on International Woman's Day this year (Tuesday, 8 March 2016)? In addition to the hundreds of events taking place around the Hyderabad (find one near you here), lakhotia Institute of Design will be offering free, 2 days workshop on 50 trendy & innovative types of hand embroidery (worth Rs

  • Charity show at taj falaknuma palace

    It was a balmy evening that saw the who's who of Hyderabad troop into a hill palace, where a charity fashion do was held in aid of children's education

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  • LID is the pioneering institute that caters competent and committed Human resources to Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Interior Designing, Architecture Design, and Hospitality Management sectors. We, in Lakhotia Institute of Design impart to Total Quality Education (TQE) to enhance the students employable skills by means of practical teaching, training and moulding them into competent employee.

    - Venkatesh

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