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Diploma in Game Designing

Lakhotia Institute of Design the most advance designing institute of India, proudly presents the most demanding and awaited Game Designing Course to our beloved Gaming Aspirants.

Our design institute invites the admission worldwide, if you are the one who just don't want to play and enjoy the game but dying to dive in to the most fascinating world of Games you are Eligible for it.

Game Designing and Game Development is the multibillion dollar industry worldwide. Indian Gaming Industry is a sleeping giant open the eyes. After seeing the potential of Indian game Designers world class companies like Microsoft Corp., EA Sports and many others have opened their Game Designing Studios in India.

Course at our gaming institute is a full proof placement oriented 1 year Diploma Course in Game Designing and Development.

Students at our institute not only learn the art and science of most interactive games but they will create something on that line too.

Please remember the candidates who wish to seek admission in our game designing school should posses the following skills within him/her.

  • A true passion for Gaming
  • Out of the box ideas , people say that Crazy we say it Creative
  • Always ready to do hard work during the studies
  • Openness to touch the Most Effective tools of Game Designing – “ Pencil and Paper”
  • Overall an attitude to create something Wow for rest of the world.

If you feel that you are one of them, our game design school welcomes to join our extremely adventures and lively course in Game Designing.

Let's explore what you learn in this course

“Anything is only as good as you make it and nothing is going to be easy.”

Diploma in Game Designing

Educational Content

Key Details

  • Pre visualization training on key areas of game development whilst also allowing specialization areas.
  • Encounter with the Gaming Industry , Core Skills and Requirement Analysis
  • In-depth exposure to game design + development procedures and outcomes.
  • Exploring the production pipeline of Game Designing Industry.
  • Generate an extensive library of useable code snippets for future personal and industry projects
  • Close integration and collaboration opportunities with 3D Animation students
  • Training across numerous industries standard development platforms.
  • Gaming with world-class Game Engines.

Career Outcomes

In LID, Students are prepared through focused training for entry into areas of the games industry, further education, more advanced programming and more.

With a blend of creative talent, a good portfolio and the skills introduced on the Games Programming diploma, students should be able to aim for the following roles:

  • Story and Plan Visualize
  • Level designer
  • Environment designer
  • Texture Artist
  • Game programmer - Graphics, Special effects, Shaders, Engine/tools
  • Game designer
  • Game developer
  • 3D asset creator
  • Research and Development
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Interactive Designer

As the premier design school in India we focus on preparing the foundation first for Game designing, Gaming Gurus at our gaming institute give you a real idea about the Production Pipeline of Game designing.

Semester 1: Duration (100 Hours)

  • Module 1: The Art of Gaming
  • Module 2: Taking Grip on Ideas: Exploring power of Pencils
  • Module 3: Creating self made Characters, Themes Plans, and Layouts of Games
  • Module 4: Empowering self with Matte Painting, Texturing and Digital brushing of Games

Semester 2: Duration (300 Hours)

  • Module 1: C++ Programming for Game Developers
  • Module 2: Understanding Gaming Console
  • Module 3: Approaching Game Planning
  • Module 4: Understanding Simulation Gaming
  • Module 5: Working with Core principals of gaming
  • Module 6: Creating Game programming Snippets and Library
  • Module 7: 3D Practice for Gaming
  • Module 8: Exploring Game Engines

Semester 3: Duration (200 Hours)

  • Module 1: Deeping into Game Show reel
  • Module 2: Creating Multiplayer Gaming Reel
  • Module 3: Shaking Hands with the Industry (A placement program)
  • Software / Application Covered:
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • C++
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max / Autodesk Maya
  • Z Brush
  • UDK | Unreal

Semester 4: Duration (200 Hours)

  • Project Work

If you believe that you have the sparks to be a part of one of the most fascinating and glamorous career of Game designing, we as the leading gaming institute and game designing schools in India are ready to train and empower you for that.

Become a LID Certified Game Designer and turn the game of your future.


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